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squeeze the most out of life

squeeze the most out of life

mindset & manifesting

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'master your mindset,

manifest your life.'


Your mindset is your unique lens through which you interpret and engage with the world. It colors every experience and interaction, shapes your perceptions and reactions, and influences outcomes. 

Understanding your true self is the first step towards mastering your mindset. By discovering what informs your mindset, you gain clarity on your beliefs, values, and motivations.


I am Robyn Tosick, Founder, Coach, and Facilitator at Savvyself. My mission is to help others master their thoughts and find their flow to manifest their dreams.

With 23 years of experience as a social entrepreneur and roles in leading corporations like Lululemon, PepsiCo, and Coca-Cola, I have cultivated a proven method for personal transformation. My approach is also deeply influenced by extensive studies in coaching, yoga, and mindfulness.

It's time to master your mindset and manifest the rest. Through guided practices and personalized coaching, I help you unlock your potential and lead an empowered life.

my journey



Get Clarity on your true purpose and path
Get clear on purpose and articulate your vision. 
Peel back the layers with curated exercises, tools, and practices.  
Cultivate a manifesting roadmap
Create a manifest roadmap to guide you towards your vision. Focus your energy on intentional actions that help you grow and reach your milestones.
Connect with community that helps you evolve
Identify expanders and build the supportive & collaborative community that will help accelerate and sustain your success.
Dancing in the desert


"When I started the Pivot to Purpose Program, I was lost in a lot of areas in my life but had no idea how lost I was. Robyn helped my pave a way forward--through inward reflection, assessing areas where I was not fully satisfied in my life, and much more--and I am so excited about where I am heading. Robyn isnt just your coach for 10 weeks, she becomes a friend and mentor for life."

Alex Wujek, Founder, wuj wear

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