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squeeze the most out of life

Robyn Tosick, purpose coach | speaker | mindfulness leader


It is possible to experience more joy, ease, and fulfillment. Align your purpose with your actions and the entire world opens up for you. You have the power to gain the savvy (practical knowledge) necessary to have a greater understanding of your self (true being).  When you live and act from your truth, you find your flow.


Our complex modern lives can make it challenging to align with our purpose and recognize how all aspects of life are connected. Often times we focus on succeeding in certain segments of life, while we neglect and suffer in others. And we spend our time focused on the future or the past and miss out on living fully in the present. This sacrifices our true wellbeing, minimizes our impact, and is not sustainable (I know, I've been there).

You can lead your most meaningful life. It requires focus, effort, and commitment. The first step is pivoting to purpose. Then you can really start manifesting.

I am Robyn Tosick, Founder and Purpose Coach. My mission is to help you align with your purpose to live your most fulfilling life. I share tools and techniques curated from 22 years as a social entrepreneur, corporate roles at Lululemon, PepsiCo, & Coca-Cola and extensive coaching & mindfulness studies. Through Savvyself coaching, workshops, and retreats, I support others to clarify their purpose, focus on intentional action, and cultivate connection to squeeze the most out of life.


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Get clear on your purpose. 

Peel back the layers with guided coaching exercises and mindfulness practices.  Articulate your vision and the path forward. 


  Create a roadmap to guide you towards your purpose. Focus your energy on intentional actions that help you grow and reach your milestones.


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Identify and build community to engage, support, & collaborate with you. 

Let's grow faster and farther together. 

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"When I started the Pivot to Purpose Program, I was lost in a lot of areas in my life but had no idea how lost I was. Robyn helped my pave a way forward--through inward reflection, assessing areas where I was not fully satisfied in my life, and much more--and I am so excited about where I am heading. Robyn isnt just your coach for 10 weeks, she becomes a friend and mentor for life."

Alex Wujek, Founder, wuj wear


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