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one-on-one coaching

You may be at the beginning of your journey or at a pivotal point on the path.  Personalized coaching helps you explore what's possible.  We can connect for a single Purpose Coaching Session or dive deeper with a multi session program to create a road map that gets you in action towards living your ideal lifestyle.  Coaching rates start at $222.  Schedule your free discovery session below to learn more.

Discovery Session

20 minute - FREE

info session to discuss specific needs and offerings that align + proposal

Ideation Coaching Session

60 minute

brainstorm/coaching on specific topic

Purpose Coaching Session

2 Hour 

setting a foundation: removing barriors + creating space + visualizing your purpose

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Illuminate Your Purpose

3  Week - 90 Minute

clarify purpose + set goals + create a high level strategy

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Pivot On Your Path

5  Week - 60 minute

empowered transitions + creating a roadmap for the path forward 

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Pivot to Purpose

10 Week - 60 minute

discovering your purpose + illuminating the path + strategies for intentional action + cultivating community support

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