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my journey

I spent years contributing to the success of mega brands. Trading my most of my energy for accolades, promotions, and more responsibility. I was also juggling a busy social life, training for a endurance races, renovating a home, and cultivating a life with my now husband. It was fast-paced and exciting but I was living a very segmented life.  And ultimately it was not sustainable. I was working 80 hour weeks, managing a $60 million account for a mega brand, and selling products I didn't believe in.  Stress was mounting, I was growing frustrated, barely sleeping, and my health was suffering.  I looked in the mirror one day and realized it was draining my soul. I knew in that moment, I needed a real shift. In all aspects of life. So I tossed off the golden handcuffs and pivoted towards discovering my purpose. 

Along the journey to follow, I spent a year traveling, acquired 500 hours of yoga studies, became a business coach, and led fundraising events and voluntourism retreats building schools in economically challenged communities around the world. Utilizing crowdfunding, I started a women's athletic apparel company, OKIINO; inspired by my active lifestyle as a surfer, water woman, yogi, and triathlete.  OKIINO won acclaim from Outside, ELLE, SELF, Sunset, Yoga Journal, LA Times, SF Chronicle, Wired and beyond. 


My purpose expanded with the birth of my son, Tanner, in 2016. And lifestyle pivots continue to support him in each phase. 

I've had many ups and downs along the journey. I'm expanding, evolving, and staying committed to my purpose. Fulfillment is a practice, not a destination. I’m honored to be a Forbes Featured Founder "proving that yes, you can build a successful business and earn an income by doing what you love”.  I believe anyone can create and live a life they love.  I am passionate about learning and seeking out the best development tools and techniques for both personal and professional growth.  My goal is to curate and create valuable techniques to elevate others through my coaching.  I cultivate community and give back with the Sunset Women's Collective, as Mentor for the University of Arizona, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship and as a board member two nonprofits.  I hope to elevate others with my work in the world.

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