I share powerful techniques and tools curated from 20 years of corporate experience, entrepreneurship, and extensive coaching & mindfulness studies to help you to gain clarity, cultivate results, and create empowering connection.  Together we design a roadmap of intentional action to guide you on your path towards a more synergistic lifestyle.  You implement techniques to experience transformation from the beginning.  I support you with accountability and homework in between sessions to optimize results from our time together.  


Tap into your greatest potential and access the answers that live within by clearing out the distractions and limiting beliefs holding you back.  Create space for possibility and growth.  

Purpose Mapping

Create your path to purpose.  Build a strategy and roadmap toward what you

want out of life.  Get into action.

Small steps can lead to huge leaps.  Adjust the plan to stay committed and make the journey more enjoyable and effortless.

Life Assessment

Gain insight on where you are today.  Create a starting point.  Examine every aspect of your life.  Choose what you value most.  Understand how the segments are connected.  Learn to create powerful synergies.  

Building Blocks

Identify the important tasks and goals that really move the needle.  Break down big goals into smaller blocks.  Spend your energy in the most efficient and rewarding way.  Stay motivated and avoid burn out.  Keep making progress.

Focus Filters

Go deeper with mental and physical disciplines to discover the roots of your purpose. Connect to the "why" that drives you and identify where you want to go.  

Create filters to empower 

intentional choices and hone your focus to reach your destination. 

Cultivate Community

The key to resilience is supportive community.   Identify you audience, support circles, and larger community.  Find your authentic voice.  Connect in a powerful way to uplift others and yourself.

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