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I speak about the value of aligning purpose with what we do and how we show up in the world. I share about the benefits of being guided by intrinsic motivation, doing things for our own growth and fulfillment, vs. extrinsic motivation, doing things to gain praise or avoid negative outcomes. 

 I hope to inspire and help others by sharing my journey to purpose. Specifically learnings from my life experiences as entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, burning out, pushing the pause button to travel the world, pivoting to focus on my passions, and ultimately finding my purpose coaching others to align with their true purpose. I’m honored to be recognized by Forbes as a “founder and creative proving that yes, you can build a successful business and earn an income by doing what you love”.

I've been honored to speak at a variety of conferences, events, businesses, and universities. 

As an Adjunct Professor, I lecture for the top ranked University of Arizona McGuire Entrepreneurship Program. I've also speak  and facilitated for workshops and retreats around the world. I have a true passion for sharing the value of purpose and manifesting a life you truly love.

My talks weave aspects of mindfulness, neuroscience, storytelling, and philosophy as tools for real life challenges. 

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"Robyn's support has given our aspiring entrepreneurs a window into how to achieve their ambitions while preserving their life goals.  Her willingness to share her professional and personal trials and experiences help us to positively influence the next generation of business leaders."

John Sharp, Director, McGuire Entreprenuership Program, University of Arizona

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Finding Balance and Purpose on the Entrepreneurial Journey - Robyn Tosick, savvyself
savvyself Robyn Tosick

Finding Balance and Purpose on the Entrepreneurial Journey - Robyn Tosick, savvyself

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